Demands in boat and ship construction are particularly challenging as it involves diverse functional components. With AIREX®, BALTEK® and BANOVA®, 3A Composites AirexBaltekBanova offers composites for (nearly) all components: bulkheads and beams, transoms and wales, superstructures, hull bottoms, decks, to portholes and build-in closets. Our offer of services and materials starts in the evaluation phase with the development of the most effective configuration of lightweight composites and the specification of the most cost-effective resources; it covers the complete process all the way up to production of the lightweight sandwich component – everything according to customer requirements. 3A structural materials are characterized by maximum impact and compression resistance, a high level of rigidity, low weight, easy formability, and absolute water tightness. Please visit for more information, or call one of our technical sales representatives at Plastic Materials, Incoporated.