What are the Different Types of Core Material

Core Material for Ultimate Performance

Check out one of our newest core material suppliers, CoreLite. CoreLite is one of the leading forces in composite technologies with its advanced end-grain balsa, PVC foam board, and PET foam core material solutions. CoreLite provides competitive pricing with precise assembly and that is one of the reasons we are proud to represent this brand. They have been around since 1939 and this is a little backstory of the company and its products.

Our Supplier: Corelite

We offer various balsa core products from our Corelite supplier. Their end-grain balsa wood offers the best strength-to-weight ratio and provides a natural insulator and noise reduction material naturally. Balsa is used in so many industries from the marine building, sound studios, industrial building, aerospace, automotive and more. We appreciate that this is a renewable source product that we can offer our customers.

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