Discover Industrial Safety Products Near You – Protect Yourself & Your Team Today!

Discover Industrial Safety Products Near You – Protect Yourself & Your Team Today!

Nothing is more important than ensuring the safety of you and your team. With so many accidents that can occur on a daily basis, it is important to always make sure that you and your team are equipped with the proper industrial safety products that get the job done efficiently and safely.

What is Industrial Safety?

Industrial safety is a safety program and control measure put in place to ensure the protection of anyone who works in a high-risk environment.

Accidents happen and employing the correct safety procedures is the best way to mitigate the possibility of these incidents.

Benefits of Industrial Safety

Being injured on duty can result in a range of different consequences, for both the worker and the business. From medical bills to general legal issues, a simple accident can become a serious situation.

Having the right safety procedures in place ensures:

  • Safety of you and your workers
  • Boost in efficiency and productivity
  • Mitigated the chance of unforeseen costs
  • Optimized and streamline work process
  • Minimization of different types of hazards
  • Ensuring a safe workplace

There is a large range of benefits that any business will notice when implementing a good industrial PPE safety policy.

Different Types of Personal Protective Equipment 

Personal protective equipment (PPE) takes many different forms. From masks to boots, and from head to toe, it is important to have the correct, high-quality safety equipment that makes a difference.

Here are some of the most common safety equipment that you and your team may need.

Face Shields and Masks

If you work closely with an angle grinder or in an industry that is surrounded by harmful chemicals and toxins, a face shield and mask are an absolute necessity.

These provide your eyes and lungs with the protection that it needs from all forms of harmful substances that your face, nose, and mouth may come into contact with.

Hearing Protection

Your ears are more sensitive than you may know. Hearing damage is a common side-effect that affects thousands of workers every year.

Having hearing protection in an industry that utilizes exceptionally loud machinery and tools, is a good way of preserving your hearing for years to come.

Respirators and Breathing Apparatus

Respirators and breathing apparatus are used in workplaces where the oxygen levels are lower than normal. These are also used to assist if a workspace is crowded with excessive amounts of harmful toxins that linger in the air.

Safety Clothing, Workwear, High Visibility Clothing

Safety clothing that has high visibility is a good way to lower the risk of injury. Construction sites and various industries use this form of PPE safety to ensure that the worker is always visible at all times.

It also assists in mitigating any damage that may occur to the body due to sharp equipment and other tools that the team may accidentally come into contact with.

Footwear and Hand Protection

Your hands and feet are your greatest asset when it comes to working in any industry. Protecting your hands from sharp tools and equipment can be done through high-quality gloves and accessories that minimize damage during an accident.

High-quality footwear is used to protect the feet from hidden dangers such as glass, nails, and anything that may fall onto the worker’s foot.

Eye and Face Protection or Safety Glasses

Sparks, dust, and other flying debris pose a huge safety hazard for your team’s eyes. Protective glasses, face, and eyewear are essential tools in protecting your health.

Bright lights and dense heat can also affect your eyesight so taking the correct PPE safety precautions when it comes to your face and eyes is essential.

Potential Hazards in the Workplace

There are countless numbers of hazards that pose a risk of injury to you and your workers. Employing the safety best practices and equipping your team with high-quality safety equipment is necessary.

To avoid workplace injury and accidents, the highest level of care and safety precautions should always be put into place. Assessing all potential workplace hazards is the first key step to acquiring safety equipment that meets these needs.

The Trusted PPE Supplier that Helps You Achieve the Best

Quality and affordability are important. When searching for high-quality PPE at a competitive rate, it is essential to partner with a company that meets your needs.

We have been assisting businesses and teams with only the best materials and PPE since 1966. Being one of the nation’s largest suppliers means that we can ensure that you and your team are properly protected.

Browse the online store for materials and equipment that will always meet your needs. If you have more questions about our industrial safety products, contact us at 909-923-6563 at Plastic Materials today!

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