Finding Wax Mold Release: Buy It Now to Get High-Quality Results!

Finding Wax Mold Release: Buy It Now to Get High-Quality Results!

High-quality wax mold release agents provide an innovative means to effectively remove molded objects from the mold surface. There are many different types of mold release agents, and wax proves to be exceptionally beneficial through its wide range of benefits and ease of application.

These release agents provide your molding process with the necessary assistance that it needs to ensure an undamaged and perfectly molded object. Let’s have a closer look at what wax mold release agents are and the various different forms that they come in.

Definition of Wax Mold Release

Wax mold release is a form of release agent that assists the molding process. This product is specially designed to ensure that the molded object is not damaged and that the mold surface remains intact.

In some cases, an inefficient removal of these materials could cause both the molded object and the mold surface to sustain damage. This can cause unnecessary expenditure for the user and a drastic loss of both productivity and time.

What is the Purpose of Wax Mold Release?

The purpose of a wax mold release is to provide a protective layer between the mold housing and molded object. This protective physical barrier also serves to lubricate the housing enough for the molded object to be effectively removed once it has settled.

While it is possible to remove a mold from its housing with a release agent, there is an exceptionally high likelihood that this may damage both the housing structure and the molded object itself.

Wax mold release agents come in many different forms and each one is specifically designed to ensure that the mold remains intact and the housing remains undamaged.

Types of Wax Mold Releases

As mentioned before, there are many different forms of wax mold release types. These different types often suit different needs. While one may prove better than another in specific instances, the same could be said as each instance changes. Understanding which wax mold release is best for the given task is an innovative means of utilizing a release agent to its maximum potential.

Carnauba Waxes

Aptly named the “queen of waxes” this form of wax is created from the leaves of the carnauba palm tree. As a release agent, this comes in the form of an aerosol spray.

This is done by dissolving the wax in a solvent that then becomes the aerosol wax that is used as a release agent. Carnauba wax is best suited for molding processes that involve liquid epoxy resin, and other forms of epoxy compounds.

Paraffin Waxes

Paraffin wax is a wax that is created from coal, petroleum, and oil shale. This wax is a solid, colorless, and soft substance that can be applied to the mold surface to assist in the mold removal process.

This form of wax is best used in liquid silicone molds and to release substances from silicone mold housing.

Solvent-Based Waxes

Solvent-based waxes are chemical substance and material that is created through petroleum refinement. This wax is often regarded as the more traditional form of wax release agent. This material is best used for molds that consist mainly of metals and polymers.

Water-Based Waxes

Unlike solvent-based waxes, which primarily focus on the use of petroleum, water-based waxes utilize water as their primary chemical component. This wax is a compatible mold release agent with concrete molds because of how well concrete and water work together.

The upside to this form of wax is the eco-friendly approach that it utilizes. Through its production, there are no harsh chemicals that are used which is often much better for the environment and an eco-friendly business approach.

Learn More About Wax Mold Releases with Plastic Materials, Inc.

We are an industry leader in providing customers with the high-quality supplies and materials that they need to take their production processes to the next level. Having a damaged molded object can severely impact many processes within various different facets. A molded object is often designed to suit a specific need. If this object is damaged, the need may not be adequately fulfilled.

Wax mold release agents are created to streamline this process and ensure that the task of molding is completed efficiently and to its maximum potential. To help you choose the right mold wax releases, email us at or contact us at 909-923-6563 at Plastic Materials, Inc. today!

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