Our Mission

Plastic Materials, Incorporated is committed to growing and developing its core capabilities, as well as remaining on the forefront of advancing technologies in composite manufacturing. We’re committed staying with the growth, progress and of the industry. For our customers, we’re committed to providing quality products and superior customer service. We’re a specialized group with the capability to service both low and high volume clients. Ultimately, we want to be the element that matters to our customers.


Plastic Material, Incorporated was founded in 1966 by Gerard (Gerry) Greco. Gerry worked for the Wilbur-Ellis Company for many years and was asked to start a Composite and Fiberglass Division for them. After years of developing the Composite Division, Wilbur-Ellis wanted to move into a different direction that did not include the composite industry. Gerry offered to buy the division from Wilbur-Ellis, and this is where Plastic Materials, Inc. began in May of 1966. Gerry saw an opportunity in the sixties as the future of materials were being developed and changing at a rapid pace. P.M.I. became a pioneer of composites becoming an industry leader in its own right supplying the latest and greatest technologies for the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing industries.


As the composite industry progressed supplying more and more of the world’s major industries, so did PMI. Gerry’s son, Todd Greco, took over the business in 1989. From the backend written processing, to 4,000 dollar fax machines and various Southern California locations to now a 40K warehouse, online B2B services and a fleet of trucks dedicated to maintaining supply and consistency for our customers. PMI is an American family-owned and operated business that has continued to adapt to the growth of the composites industry with quality products, suppliers we trust, competitive pricing and long standing technical knowledge to help anyone from a small project to a government contract. We are committed to being “The Element That Matters”, to our customers.

Technical Support

We offer technical assistance to our customers in order to support safety use of products, proper technique, equipment service, and more


We house over 1500 skus with the top 200 suppliers in our industry.


Our goal is to meet quality standards through constantly improving the quality of our supplier relations, technical services and application availabilities.