Industrial Safety Products: Essential PPE Gear, 10 Examples & More!

Industrial Safety Products: Essential PPE Gear, 10 Examples & More!

The industrial working world has vastly changed and adapted over many centuries. With this, many innovations have been made toward ensuring the personal safety of workers and teams through the use of industrial safety products.

Today, the most common personal protective equipment PPE we use is far superior and more innovative than ever before. Here is a list of the best PPE to consider and how it helps you and your team.

Definition of Personal Protective Equipment

PPE refers to protective equipment that is specially designed to mitigate potential injuries that may occur while on duty. Ensuring that you have the best PPE that meets the needs within the workplace is an essential step toward a safer working environment.

10 Types of Industrial Safety Products

Industrial safety products take on many different forms. We will be exploring the 10 most common and essential PPE safety measures that industry leaders utilize on a daily basis.

1. Hard Hats

Hard hats have quickly become a safety essential. When working in any high-risk environment, head trauma is one such risk that should always be avoided. Hard hats lower the risk of serious head injury by softening the blow of any falling objects, slips, and other accidents that may occur on duty.

2. Safety Shoes and Boots

Safety shoes and boots are designed with exceptionally strong materials. These are used to protect the feet from anything that may fall onto them as well as from stepping on dangerous materials such as glass, nails, rusted metal, and other risk factors.

3. Safety Glasses and Goggles

Safety glasses and goggles assist in protecting the eye from damage. These are used in environments where debris, dust, and other harmful particles are present in the air.

Safety glasses ensure that your eyes are always well-taken care of and that no accident may cause permanent vision damage.

4. Ear Protection Equipment

Your ears are just as important as every other part of your body. Ear protection is mostly used in exceptionally loud environments. Industries that utilize loud machinery and tools should include ear protection in their PPE safety measures as a means to safely mitigate hearing loss.

5. Respiratory Protection Devices

Respiratory protection devices help save your lungs and other internal organs from harmful chemicals, dust, and substances that may linger in the air. These pieces of equipment are well-designed to ensure that you and your workers receive the clean oxygen that your body requires.

6. High-Visibility Clothing

The reason that high-visibility clothing is so frequently used is that it is a proven method of minimizing potential workplace accidents.

High visibility clothing does this by highlighting the worker more clearly and allowing others to properly see them when conducting various tasks such as operating vehicles, moving heavy materials, and other dangerous activities.

7. Fall Protection Gear

Fall protection is one of the most important PPE safety measures to follow. Fall protection prevents workers from badly injuring themselves by falling from dangerous heights.

It can be used when working with elevated machinery, during construction, when utilizing equipment such as ladders, and anytime a worker may be elevated off the ground.

8. Gloves and Hand Protection

Gloves and hand protection are a must. When working with dangerous equipment such as saws, grinders, hammers, and other power tools, gloves, and hand protection provides a good layer of safety from possible injury. It does so by taking the brunt of the force and minimizing the overall impact that it has on the user.

9. Head, Face, Neck, and Eye Shields

Protecting your head, face, neck, and eyes should always be a priority. These shields have the possibility to completely mitigate life-threatening accidents and maintain overall safety for some of your most crucial body parts.

10. Coveralls and Aprons

Coveralls and aprons are a go-to for industrial work that is often in the presence of harmful or toxic chemicals. This ensures that these substances do not make direct contact with the skin and provide overall coverage for the body from any dangerous chemical that may harm it.

Receiving Your PPE from an Authorized Supplier

Ensuring that your PPE is of the highest quality is essential in minimizing the overall possible risk of injury that may occur on duty.

The safety of you and your team is imperative and receiving your equipment from a quality-assured authorized supplier such as Plastic Materials is the first step toward a safer and more productive industrial working environment.

We have assisted countless companies in receiving the most common PPE equipment we use which is of the industry-leading standard since 1966. Get in touch with the expert team at Plastic Materials or browse the online store to find safety products that will meet your every need.

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