Learn How to Remove Wax Mold Release – Clean It Safely Now!

Learn How to Remove Wax Mold Release – Clean It Safely Now!

A wax mold release is there to ensure that the set mold object is removed effectively from the mold housing and with little to no damage during the process. After the mold has been removed, it is important to also ensure that the wax mold release has been thoroughly cleaned and removed from the housing before the next usage.

In this guide, we will discuss what mold release wax is, why it is important to properly remove them from the housing, as well as a step-by-step guide on how you can remove the wax release agents from the housing.

Everything You Need to Know About Wax Mold Releases

Wax mold release agents serve as an effective means to remove a molded object from the mold housing. This ensures that the molded object retains its shape and that it does not stick to the housing which could cause unwanted damage and impurities to the molded object.

It does this by lubricating and forming a protective barrier around the area between the housing and the object whilst also not inhibiting the intricate shape of the housing itself. When the molded object is removed, the molding process is easier, faster, and has a lower chance of unwanted accidents and damages.

Why is it important to Properly Remove Wax Mold Release?

After the molded object has been removed, it is essential to properly remove the wax mold release from the housing because it may damage future molding endeavors.

When the molded object has been removed, it may cause the wax release agent to become uneven, patchy, and ineffective at removing future molded objects from the housing.

Effectively removing the wax mold will ensure that future projects are not damaged, the mold life is increased, and the molding process is not slowed down due to unforeseen impurities within the molded objects.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Remove Wax Mold Releases

Now that we understand what a wax release agent is and why it is essential to thoroughly clean the housing before its next use, let’s have a closer look at the step-by-step procedure that you can take to ensure that the wax mold release is effectively removed from the mold housing.

Clean the Mold Surface

The first step should be to ensure that no residual wax is left on the mold surface. This can be done by simply cleaning off any excess wax from the mold surface. There are a few ways that this can be done, and we will have a closer, more in-depth look at each of these options.

Use Proper Tools to Remove Excess Wax

The most effective means to remove excess wax is to either sand blast or bead blast the housing surface. The downside to this is that it may remove a microlayer from the housing which could damage the effectiveness of the mold.

Brushes, a clean cloth, and non-invasive scrapers are other fantastic tools that can effectively be used for this process, although they prove more time-consuming.

Apply Mold Cleaner or Degreaser

Chemicals such as mold cleaner and degreaser are effective wax strippers that assist in thinning and removing the wax from the surface of the mold housing.

These chemicals have been specially designed to assist in a wide range of wax removal without damaging the casing. Hot water and soap that has high alkaline properties are also effective means of fighting against the wax.

Rinse the Mold Surface Thoroughly

After the wax has been removed from the surface, through the use of tools or chemicals, it is important to thoroughly be the surface of the mold. This ensures that any excess wax that may linger around, is washed away along with the harmful chemicals that may sit on the surface of the mold.

Dry the Wax Mold Surface

After the mold, the surface has been thoroughly cleaned and the residual wax has been removed, the final step is to dry the mold surface. Immediately using the mold housing after it has been cleaned and washed may damage the molded object and prove ineffective for wax mold releases to stick to.

Waiting for the wax mold to dry before its next use is an effective means of ensuring that the mold surface is ready for use.

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