3m Xtract Paper Disc


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3M Xtract™ Paper Disc 236U features a 3M proprietary multi-hole pattern for improved dust extraction in finishing applications. Part of the 3M Xtract™ Series, designed for optimal dust removal. The innovative multi-hole pattern extracts dust better than 5- or 6-hole products — increasing cut and dramatically increasing disc life. The design does not need to align with the disc pad holes, making switching the discs fast, easy and convenient. Advanced Series Abrasives from 3M are designed to deliver an unbeatable combination of performance and value. Open coat construction and a load-resistant coating further prevent clogging.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6.1 × 6.1 × 2 in

236U 100G-STIKIT, 236U 220G-STIKIT


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